The Best Golf Wedges of 2018 - All Handicappers Covered

Perfectly Balanced for the Perfect Swing

Your short game matters more than anything. If you’re having problems putting the ball exactly where you want it, whether you’re in the rough or in the sand, we can help you find the perfect wedge.

Pin Seeker

Wedges are short irons that have a lot of loft. These golf clubs are not designed for distance shots. Instead, you can use them to hit extremely high shots so the ball lands on the greens. Wedges are among the most versatile clubs in your bag and are also known as position clubs. A well-played wedge shot can help you get into position for a short putt. This will prevent you from attempting a shot that will get you into trouble.More information

Best Golf Wedges of 2018 Purchase Guides

Lob Wedges Guide

Best Lob Wedge (2018) – Purchase Guide for All Handicappers

The best lob wedge is designed to be 60 to 64 degrees. These angles are what cause the ball to soar in the air 15% higher and creates backspin that stops the ball on the green quicker.It doesn't matter if […]

best golf chipper

Best Golf Chippers 2018 – Chipper Golf Club Purchase Guide (Updated)

A golf chipper club combines a wedge and a putter.​The best golf chippers typically feature a 30-37degree loft and are ideal for making shots that are too short for a wedge but a bit too long for a putter. Most players […]

Sand Wedges Features

Best Sand Wedge 2018 – Top Picks for All Handicappers (Updated)

Have you ever been to a store on Black Friday looking for the best gift at the best price? It's brutal, I know. However, watching the crowd is a great source of information when you step back and watch. You essentially […]

Product reviews

Calaway Mack Daddy Review

Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3

Callaway’s Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge is one of the best wedges you can select. Not to mention some of the best professional golfers use this grind wedge to make highly accurate and precision-based short stop on the greens. […]

Callaway Wedges

Callaway Forged Wedge

For a long time now, Callaway has been dominating the market for brilliantly designed golf wedges. And the best part about Callaway’s wedges is the fact some of their most popular products are designed in collaboration with the legendary and […]

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