About Us

Hey, I'm Jared! I'm a married  dude living in the short golf season state of Michigan. I have two young boys, 17 months apart, and have a​ more than full-time manufacturing job.

​Look, I'm no Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth. I'm not a country club Pro or golf instructor. Heck, I sometimes still miss the ball when I'm on the tee box! TRUTH

My goal here at TheGolfWedge is not to bestow my expert status of golf onto you. Rather, it's to extend ​my joy for golf into my joy for content publishing. 

We simply curate useful and helpful information ​worthy of acknowledgement to try and help better our readers' golf experience. You can expect to see the web's best product reviews, how to's, golf tips and case studies.

If there is anything you would like me to cover or improve upon, then please contact me and give and let me know.

Looking forward to hearing ​from the community!