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A Guide To Selecting The Best Lob Wedge

Every amateur and professional golfer strives and practices hard to easily and accurate strike the golf ball all the way to the flag, sinking the ball from more or less 50 or 60 yards without any problems.

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Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Golf Chipper

A chipper is a golf club that combines a wedge and a putter. Chippers typically feature a 30-degree loft that is ideal for making shots that are a too short for a wedge but a bit too long for a putter.

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2017 Best Sand Wedge Buyers Guide – Our Top 5 Picks

A  sand wedge is among the most important clubs in a player’s arsenal. Choosing the best sand wedge is crucial in lowering your strokes. Thanks to its unique shape and heft, a wedge is typically

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