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Best Lob Wedge (2018) – Purchase Guide for All Handicappers

It doesn't matter if you are a low, mid or high handicapper, all golfers strive to achieve an accurate and clean strike of the lob wedge.  Finding the best lob wedge means you have another weapon

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Best Golf Chippers of (2018) – Chipper Club Purchase Guide

A golf chipper club combines a wedge and a putter.​The best golf chippers typically feature a 30-37degree loft and are ideal for making shots that are too short for a wedge but a bit too long for a putter. Most

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Best Sand Wedge (2018) – Our Favorites for All Handicappers

​Because the sand wedge is one of the most important clubs in a player’s golf bag, our favorites for the best sand wedge are chosen by what we feel covers the broadest spectrum of golfer.Thanks to

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Guide To Buying The Best Pitching Wedge & The Best Approach Wedge

The pitching wedge is a useful club when it comes to successfully hitting approach shots. However, not all professionals use this club, but it is still the perfect wedge for recreational golfers and beginners

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2017 Best Gap Wedge – Take the Gap Wedge Selection Quiz

A gap wedge is specifically used for hitting distances that are beyond the capability of a sand wedge, but less than the distance you can cover with a pitching wedge.A gap wedge typically features a club

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