Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Golf Chipper

Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Golf Chipper

A chipper is a golf club that combines a wedge and a putter. Chippers typically feature a 30-degree loft that is ideal for making shots that are a too short for a wedge but a bit too long for a putter. While chippers can be used for tournament, it must be single-faced and must have a cylindrical grip with a flat end.

Double-faced chippers are illegal and cannot be used in professional tournaments. Most novice players agree that a chipper is easier to use as compared to wedges. The chipper is ideal for teaching golf fundamentals before you learn how to master each type of club.

Calaway Golf Balanced Set

Experts realize that a balanced set of golf clubs contains an optimal combination of pitching, sand, lob, pitching and gap wedges designed to meet the golf player’s need. However, if you are in search of a tool that will help you with greenside chipping, a golf chipper is your best option.

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Intech EZ

Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Chipper From Top
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Intech Approach Two- Way

Intech Approach Two
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Paragon Sports’ Chipper

Wilson Black
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Ray Cook Golf Extreme Aim

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Wilson Men's Harmonized

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Factors To Consider When Using A Golf Chipper

Using irons and wedges to chip around the green can be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing and haven’t mastered the right technique. This might cause you to lose confidence in your stroke, preventing you from achieving a follow through on your shot. Most handicap players hit the ball heavy, causing it to end up short of their target.

As the name suggests, chippers are popularly used by players who struggle with greenside chipping. Golf chippers feature a conventional grip and can be used like a putter or iron, but they are slightly longer than a putter is. Chippers are not designed for hitting full swings and are only used for chips around the green.

chipper base

Chippers feature a smooth base that allows the ball to pop up the air and on to the green without sticking to the grass or digging inside the ground. Here are a couple of factors you should consider before investing in a golf chipper:

Chipper With Two Faces

Some chippers enable golfers to use both sides of the clubs. This type of golf chipper is especially useful if the ball is stuck on the wrong side of the tree and you are unable to play your shot from the preferred side. However, keep in mind that double-sided chippers are not permitted for formal competitions that are arranged by the R&A. You may still use a chipper for an informal round or if you are simply practicing at home.

Wedges With Varying Lofts

Apart from investing in a chipper, consider investing in a range of wedges featuring different lofts and bounce options. These wedges will help you chip around the green without any problems. While wedges may be difficult to use for some people, they are perhaps the most versatile options that can help improve your game.

Golf Wedge Clubs

Trajectory Of The Chipper

It is important you consider the trajectory of the chipper. Rest assured, you conveniently judge the trajectory of any chip by using any club. Set the club on the turf, with the shaft facing the direction of the target with the clubface facing upwards. Now, step down on the face of the club, until it lies flat against the turf. This will cause the shaft to rise at a particular angle. This angle is the trajectory of the golf shot.

Buying A Standard Chipper

Standard chippers are mainly designed for hitting shots off the greens or in the putting greens. Standard chippers have a loft that is greater than 10 degrees.

Consider Purchasing Hybrid

While some golf players only but a chipper to perform chipping shots with it, you can make the most of your purchase by purchasing a hybrid. A hybrid can be used for hitting a variety of shots and is generally a more versatile type of golf club.

Hybrid Club Thomas Club

Purchasing Less Expensive Chippers

If you are not a serious golf player and do not intend on playing golf round the year, consider purchasing less expensive chippers. Additionally, if you are a novice players, put off buying expensive clubs until you have perfected your technique.

We recommend you practice using low-cost clubs. Once you become a pro, you can trade the discounted chippers for better ones later on. If you are on a limited budget, consider investing in hand-me-down or pre-loved golf chippers in the market. This will help you save significantly.

Try The Chippers

While buying things online is a convenient way to ensure you receive your package on your doorstep, consider finding a dealer who will allow you to try out the chippers before purchasing them. This will help you make a better decision and will allow you to determine whether the chippers are comfortable for use. Once you become an expert in buying chippers, you can opt for online shopping as well.

Advantages Of Using A Golf Chipper

Plenty of golf players use chippers today as it is a surefire way to ensure the ball will hit off the rough. However, to use the chipper correctly, you must work to improve your overall golf club performance.

As mentioned above, a chipper is quite similar to a putter but offers additional loft that is used for chipping. A golf chipper uses the same grip and shaft as a putter and is used with the same stroke. A chipper is used around the green or on the fringe when the ball has landed in the rough. The golf club typically features 30-degree angle of loft and is used to produce a run and chip golf club shot minus the difficulties that can occur using a wedge.

Rought Edge

Golf chippers are commonly used by beginners or older golf players who may not be able to produce high wrist and arm speeds. Here are a couple of advantages of using a golf chipper:

  • Encourages proper follow through and takeaway
  • Ensures your hands remain ahead of the ball during the follow through and address, resulting in a better shot
  • ​Encourages late release of the golf club head
  • The grip of the chipper helps golfers practice how to position their hands and wrists
  • ​Helps form a straight line from the left arm down the shaft
  • ​Allows a triangle to be held during your golf club swing
  • The heavy shaft of the chipper promotes the use of larger muscles, resulting in a more effective workout session
  • ​Teaches golfers how to hit the left side
  • Using a chipper gives immediate feedback. An incorrect follow-through will cause the of upper section of the shaft to hit alongside the left side of the upper body

Practicing these techniques will eventually help you learn how to become a better golfer.

Guidelines On How To Use A Golf Chipper

When choosing a golf club, players can choose from a variety of clubs. Different types of players opt for different clubs according to their fitness level and expertise. Similar to other sports, there will be beginners and there will be professional players.

In today’s competitive world, everybody wants to become a better player. If you want to become a better player, you need to work hard on your training.

Chipper Traning on the Grass

As a beginner, you may feel intimidated by other players who can deploy a variety of techniques. Keep in mind that even the most professional players started from where you are right now. This thought might help you build courage to master the skill. However, it might take a lot of time and patience.

Many players may find it difficult to use a chipper in the beginning but with practice, you will learn to hone your skills. Here are a couple of guidelines you should keep in mind if you want to use a chipper effectively:

Work On Your Balance

Learning how to maintain your balance is crucial if you want to become a great golf player. However, many players undermine its importance and tend to take it for granted. You will not be able to execute the perfect chip without learning to perfect your balance.

Beginners must practice to shift weight from one foot to the other. Players must also learn to balance their weight according to the texture of the ground you are playing on.

Consider Getting A Trainer

While some golf players make it big without any help, consider hiring a trainer. A renowned trainer will assist you and will help you work on your technique. A professional trainer will help you make it big. With a professional trainer, the opportunities will be endless. A trainer will offer constructive criticism and will offer your valuable feedback.

Golf Traning helper

Practice A Lot

It is amazing how much you can learn on your own if you devote a couple of hours of your day to practice. Practice is the key to success if you truly want to learn how to use a chipper and improve your technique. Devote a certain amount of your day to practice depending on how serious you are.

How To Use A Golf Chipper

Want to learn how to use golf chipper with ease? Follow these simple instructions to learn how to do so:

Step 1

Well, rest assured, you must grip the chipper the same way as you would grip a putter. All you have to do is position your non-dominant hand near the top of the grip. Your thumb must run down the shaft. Place your dominant hand against your thumb, interlocking the first finger of your non-dominant hand with the fourth finger of your dominant hand.

Step 2

When using a golf chipper, you must approach the ball, the same way you would do with a putt. Position yourself in a way that the ball is placed closer to your lead foot instead of your hind foot. Next, adjust your stance in a way so that more than half your weight is positioned over your lead foot.

Shooting golf

Step 3

While keeping your arms straight, move the club back between your feet.

Step 4

Now start swinging the chipper like a pendulum but do not use your wrists, shoulders and elbows. Your movement should be smooth and slow, as with a putt.

Step 5

Now, follow through the swing. The chipper should move towards the hole


The following chippers are illegal for tournament play despite being sold by a number of manufacturers:

  • Chippers with two faces
  • Chippers that feature a flat grip similar to a putter

Do not purchase either of these chippers if you plan on playing by the tournament rules or else you will be disqualified.

Golf Swing Max


These simple tips will help you use a golfer chipper to its full potential:

  • If used properly, the chipper will give your ball additional loft and a lot of roll. Plan the ball to reach the green to maximize the rolling distance of the ball.
  • Before using the chipper for a game, practice using it on the putting green. While it may seem similar to a standard putt, you will notice how the ball travels differently because of the club’s loft. However, for better performance, you must practice it several times. Within a few days, you will learn how the ball travels much better with a chipper.

How To Use A Hybrid Chipper

Apart from conventional chippers, golf players can also opt for hybrid chippers that offer greater versatility. In many cases, a hybrid club will help you chip easily. Follow these simply steps if you want to hybrid chipper:

Step 1

Take your normal grip and putting stance

Step 2

Try to determine the distance to the hole and whether the ball will be able to clear all obstacles to reach the green. You must also consider the green break. Using a hybrid might not be a good choice if you have to clear larger obstacle. The ball will be able to pop into the air much easier with a smaller obstacle or head over to the edge.

Step 3

Use the hybrid like you would use a long putt, using your standard putting stroke. However, keep in mind that the hybrid’s loft will cause the ball to lift up in the air for a few yards, depending on the intensity your strike it with. So, don’t hit the ball too hard unless you absolutely need to.

The Best Golf Chippers: Our Top Recommendations

Want to purchase the best golf chipper for your game but don’t know where to start? Here are a list of some of our top recommendations:

Intech EZ

Here are a few notable features of this chipper:

  • Ideal club for anyone has is tired of chipping with a wedge
  • Includes a back weighted design that offers better performance for better strokes
  • ​Features advanced alignment for better accuracy an alignment.
  • ​Features a rubber grip for better performance
  • The loft of this chipper is 35-degreees
Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Chipper From Top

The right hand chipper from Intech EZ is the best go-to club for consistency in chipping and hitting shots around the green. This handy club takes the stress off roll and loft decisions especially for high handicappers.

The chipper is a versatile club that allows players to do more in the greens. You can get a better lift when you strike the ball due to its back-weighted system. The ball also offers superior balance. What’s best is that the chipper is available for both men and women hand models for added convenience.

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Intech Approach Two- Way

Some notable features of the chipper includes:

  • Designed for both right and left handed users
  • Convenient two-way design makes the chipper effective for a variety of shots that you would normally not be able make from your normal stance.
  • ​The chipper can be played like an ordinary low-lofted wedge
  • ​Can be used for making difficult shorts on the course consistently
  • Constructed using the highest quality materials for superior performance
Intech Approach Two

While green chip shots may seem relatively easy for most of us, there are other kinds of shots that we may find difficult to tackle on the course or hit well consistently. Fortunately, the Intech Approach Two- Way Chipper is built while keeping all of your golfer needs in mind.

The club offers superior reliability that every golfer would want around the greens. As an added bonus, the golf club is manufactured for both right and left handed players. Simply position the ball back a bit in the stance and you will be able to chip it easily.

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Paragon Sports’ Chipper

Some notable features of the chipper club includes:

  • Ideal club for making tricky shots
  • The chipper club features 17-4 stainless steel construction
  • ​Features clean satin finish with a 37-degree loft on the clubhead
  • ​Features paragon steel shafts for extra durability
  • Ideal for beginners who want to practice chipping
  • This particular model is best suited for right-handed users but you will also find a chipper for left-handed users

The Golf Chipper Club by Paragon Sports is no ordinary chipper and is definitely a remarkable sight. The chipper features a stain finish over the exterior that reduces the risk of corrosion and rust.

The head of the chipper features noticeable red stripes that aid players in aligning shot, helping you get closer to the pin. Unlike other chipper clubs in the market, it is made using stainless steel materials that ensures the durability of the product. However, this particular model is only suitable for right-handed golfers.

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Ray Cook Golf Extreme Aim

Some notable features of the chipper club includes:

  • Site Alignment Aid
  • 37 Loft with 70 Lie
  • ​Men's Right & Left Handed
  • Ladies Right Handed

If you want to enhance your ability to charge the pin straight out from the green, the Ray Cook Golf Extreme Aim Chipper is a great investment. You can use it as a putter when you are hitting from the edge of the green.

Simply use your best putting stroke and allow the chipper’s handy 37-degree loft do its magic. The loft helps golfers to get through the thick stuff. This golf club is also equipped with site alignment aid. This ensures you always remain perfectly aligned.

When you add this chipper to your golf bag, you no longer have to worry about making bladed and stubbed shots. This handy club will instantly improve your performance so you can enjoy your time at the course.

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Wilson Men's Harmonized

Some notable features of the product include:

  • Harmonized is one of the best lines in the world of golf. This chipper is among the greatest chippers in the market from Wilson
  • The chipper is designed for golfers who want to hit tough sots around the green
  • ​Features alignment aid that allows golfers to line up their shots more accurately
  • Features revolutionary head shape

The Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf Chipper is a high quality chipper that features an exceptional design. The innovative design offers players more options around the green, resulting in improved performance. Golf players can use this product for long bunker sorts, full shots and greenside chipping. The four alignment lines work great and players can make new ones.

To make the most of your purchase, don’t forget to check out the customer reviews of the abovementioned products. This will help you get an idea of how the product was received and whether customers were pleased with their purchase or not. For more information, do not hesitate to contact a brand representative. Many brands offer bundle deals so you can get the best value out of your purchase.

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Hopefully, this handy guide has provided you with all the information you need regarding golf chippers. If you need more help, consider seeking the advice of a professional who can help you select the right product. Good luck!

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