Best Lob Wedge (2018) – Purchase Guide for All Handicappers

Lob Wedges Guide

It doesn't matter if you are a low, mid or high handicapper, all golfers strive to achieve an accurate and clean strike of the lob wedge.  

Finding the best lob wedge means you have another weapon in your arsenal to help improve your golf game.

Here at the TheGolfWedge, we understand the best golf wedges differ from golfer to golfer, therefore, we can't assume our best picks will cover everyone's specific needs. ​

However, our top picks will be perfect for most golfers. You'll have all the information, regarding lob wedges, after reading this in depth buyers guide.

​Best Lob Wedge 2018 - Our Top Picks

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1. Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge

  • Designed with laser milled professional grooves
  • Enhanced ball spin and shot versatility
  • Deep wedge cavity for enhanced shot stability

The Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl lob wedge offers a standard bounce, which is good for players trying to improve your wedge shots. The overall design of the lob wedge is purely based on Cleveland’s performance CG14 wedge that will provide you with a bit of an offset and is bigger in size. The features are more or less based on the previous model, the CG15.

The Black Pearl is made with high end Tour Zip Grooves. Moreover, the surface of the club is designed to be rough using the cutting-edge Laser Milling technology for enhanced ball spin.

At the back of the lob wedge, there is a little cavity that is specifically made to undercut the ball in order to keep the center of gravity grounded, which further enhances forgiveness. The sole of the lob wedge is wider, and has a consistent width and shape from heel to the toe. This will further improve your bunker shot techniques. The club comes in two amazing colors and finishes, Satin chrome and black pearl.

Moreover, if you are looking for shot improvement, the CG16 is the perfect lob wedge for you. That is because of the cutting-edge Zip Groove technology it is embedded with.  Moreover, the technology provides 25% larger grooves and every groove is finished off with precision based edges. What this does is enable the player to enhance his zip shot, making the shot with extreme accuracy and consistency.

This is especially important when it comes to playing shots from deep angled or poor lies. The new lob wedge by Cleveland also has a deepened center of gravity as a result of precision-based weighing and high-end geographical calibration. This can help you maintain your flexibility and versatility when playing any shot.

2. Callaway Forged Wedge

  • Made with professional groves – Tour CC grade
  • The shape of the wedge is Tour-inspired
  • ​Designed with a C-Grind
  • Enhanced ball bound and max spin

The Callaway Forged lob wedge is designed for maximum ball spin, enhanced shot flexibility and improved stability. This new club offers both beginners and professionals the chance to have more control on their shots and engage in playing shots to give the ball more spin.

The club is designed with high-end CC groves that are tightly spaced and have sharpened edges. Callaway incorporates the state of the art Triple Net Forging technique to forge the grooves for maximum performance, trajectory and distance control.

Another reason the Callaway Forged lob wedge has become a favorite on the market is because it is designed for added conforming grooves, which means you will not have to worry about the moisture affecting your shot or the spin on the ball. The club is made using carbon steel to give it a premium look, comfortable grip, and is a bit lighter compared to other materials.

With the Callaway on your side, you will be able to lay the face of the club open and at the same time keep the bounce angle to a minimum. This will help ensure the ball travels with maximum spin, allowing you to also control the trajectory of your shot.

3. Mizuno Golf Mp-T4 Black Nickel Wedge

  • Comes in black nickel
  • Designed to have increased toe to heel versatility
  • ​Innovative and cutting-edge sole geometry for increase shot making and consistency
  • ​Forged with Grain Flow technology and a little bit of carbon steel for a premium look and feel
  • Teardrop head design that is performance proven

The Mizuno Golf Mp T4 is another spectacular lob wedge that is specifically designed based on input from professional English golfer and world number one Luke Donald. With his input along with Mizuno’s technology and innovation, the company created a masterpiece that combines versatility and offers a high-spin wedge to players.

Plus, the lob club is designed using Grain Flow technology and is made from carbon steel. On top of that, the model features a teardrop sole with grooves that are quad cut, which provide you maximum ball spin.

4. Pinemeadow Wedge

  • Comes in a variety of wedge angles, including 52, 56, 60 and 64
  • This wedge also comes with a 68-degree design, which is a difficult to find wedge on the market. This automatically gives this model an edge over most other wedges you will find are available today.

The Pinemeadow Wedge is another classic lob club that can give you the edge you need to make these shots, especially when you have to play tricky shots on long and moist grass. The Pinemeadow lob club is designed with the company’s special (Apollo R) steel and is made with a 125g shaft that gives players a low to mid golf swing kick.

The wedge is ideal for people who are new to the game and want to enhance their skills. The lob wedge is also perfect for making 50-yard shots, although you will need some practice with this wedge at first to improve your short game. The best part about this lob wedge is it has a large surface area. This will help make the most difficult of lies simple for you.

5. TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge

  • ATV flexibility and versatility – play on any turf without worries. You can use this club for playing on a variety of golf courses.
  • The sole’s state of the art design enables you to play crucial shots using a single wedge. You don’t need to carry multiple wedges when you go out to play
  • ​The angle of the bounce is subject to change – which depends on how you position the face and head of the club
  • ​Comes with a milled-groove sole and is covered with micro-texture throughout the face which is what helps spin the ball
  • Lamkin club grip for powerful traction

The TaylorMade TP ATV lob wedge is the result of innovation, high-end research and years of development. Not to mention, the wedge is also player and performance tested. The ATV here stands for all-terrain versatility. And the wedge delivers on its promise. Designed and manufactured using state of the art methodologies and research, the lob wedge has tactfully made sole geometries, giving you an edge in terms of versatility and shot flexibility.

The best part about the TP ATV are the multiple sole curves, and each curve is made to serve a specific purpose. This is what makes the club so versatile. Designed with high relief at the toe to the heel, its strategically manufactured trailing edge significantly minimizes shot resistance and alters the way the sole makes contact with the sand and turf when you strike. But this also widely depends on the type of angle you hit the ball at.

Golf Spin Cycle

​With a lob wedge you need a lot of backspin, which can only be done if you strike the ball with precision-based force and hit it just right. The spin is where all the skills come in. The backspin is necessary because you need to make the ball stop near the flag.

This is why today lob wedges have become one of the most important clubs for golfing in the world. The clubs are essentially designed to be 60 to 64 degrees. Depending on the manufacturer, the angle can be higher. These angles are what cause the ball to soar in the air, 15% more than usual, that is if you hit without a wedge. The backspin stops the ball immediately.

The Lob Wedge - 4 Tips to Consider

Tip #1

It is important to select the best lob wedge for high handicapper. Ensure it is designed to be more than 60 degrees. That is because more lob means difficult handling. Only the professionals can use lob wedges that exceed 60 degrees. Moreover, with a 60-degree wedge you will able to attain an 8-degree bounce angle, which will inevitable make your shot convenient because the chances of making a big divot will significantly decrease.

How do to a correct lob shot

However, if you select a wedge that has a 13-degree bounce angle, you will also be able to use the club as a sand wedge. This will ultimately minimize the need to get rid of another club.

Tip #2

After you buy the best Cleveland wedges, it is important to train hard with them. Don’t just start using them on the golf course. Understand that these wedges have a lot of loft compared to other clubs, which also means every shot with the wedge will be short-distanced. You have to analyze and get used to the club and determine how far you can hit the ball with a full or short swing.

Tip #3

It is important that you utilize the ​lob wedge for making a shot that needs to travel some distance but stop quickly. Refrain from using the wedge when you can play different shots on the green. This is where you will require a club that does not give you a lot of loft.

Golf Spin

Tip #4

As you are only permitted to carry a total of 14 clubs, once you get a lob wedge you will need to make a decision on what club to get rid of. Many professional players drop the long-iron club because the club can be pretty tough to hit. You will have to determine this by yourself and in accordance with your skill level and score.

​The Golf Wedge – Different Types & What They Are Useful For

When you shop for a new set of golf clubs, you will get a handful of clubs with the set. The most common club people get is a pitching wedge. However, it is important to understand that there are more types of wedges that you can opt for. Excluding the pitching wedge, there are three different types of wedges you can buy. In light of this, mentioned below are all four types of wedges and how useful they can be:

The Sand Wedge

As the name suggests, these wedges are specifically designed to help players strike the golf ball cleanly out of the sand. It can come in handy when you have to play a shot where the ball is trapped in a sand bunker or other sand traps.

Bunker Shot

Moreover, sand wedges are quite handy and versatile. And golfers can use these wedges to play shots from on the rough, sand and on a fairway. Sand wedges are designed to have a loft ranging from 54 degrees to 58 degrees, which is still less than a lob wedge, and are shorter in size compared to other clubs.

The Gap Wedge

Gap wedges are designed with a bare minimum amount of loft compared to the other three wedges. They have loft ranging from 46 degrees to 54 degrees. However, they aren't as versatile. And they can only be utilized when you have to play a shot that is a bit shorter and cannot be played with a pitching wedge.

The Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge also ranks low on the loft rating. Essentially, the range of loft that pitching wedges are designed with start from 44 degrees and end at 40 degrees, with some a bit higher. However, the only time professionals golfers use this wedge is when they have to strike the ball from the green.

Many Different Pitching Wedges

The trajectory of the ball will be high when you use a pitching wedge, but the ball will not stop quickly unlike the lob wedge. And this in turn could pose a problem.

Lob Wedge

The best 60-degree wedge club is similar to sand wedges and gap wedges in the sense that you will have to buy this club separately. These aren't included in the golf club set. But as per the best lob wedges reviews of different products, these clubs have the highest loft range of any wedge. The loft rate ranges from 60 degrees to 65 degrees.

Professional golfers use the lob wedge to hit precision shots on the green. But the club is usually used for shots within 80 yards. These are designed to send the ball soaring high and create a good backspin so that the ball stops as quickly as possible near the flag.

​Lob Wedges – Important Factors To Consider

There a number of critical elements to take into account when buying a lob wedge and playing with it. In light of this, mentioned below are some important things you can keep in mind:

The Angle Of The Bounce

As the name suggests, in simpler terms, the bounce angle refers to the curvy side of the wedge that is located on the sole. What this does is enable the player to cleanly and accurately wedge the ball out of sand ‘bouncing’ it off without having to snag the shot.

Bounce Golf Wedge

When you talk about a sand wedge, for instance, you will notice the club’s trailing edge is designed to hand under the leading edge. Just put your lob wedge with the sand wedge and see the difference in spacing between the leading and trailing edges on the clubs.

Moreover, remember that high spacing will always translate to an increased bounce angle. On normal wedges, the maximum bounce you will get is more or less 18 degrees. With a lob wedge, you can increase this by a few degrees.

However, if you use this wedge with a smart combination of other wedges, you will achieve a desirable bounce level and loft. Plus, you will also be able to adjust the loft when playing on different types of golf courses. This can make a significant different in your game, especially when it comes to making short shots.

Low Bouncing Shots

Wedges that provide a low bounce are perfect for swings that have to be made from hard lines and turf conditions. Lob wedges offer the ideal combination of minimized bounce rate and a narrow width for the sole, which drops the leading edge of the golf club, resulting in a clean hit.

Low bounce rates are good for golfers that are more analytical when it comes to creatively playing around hard lines and greens as well as through sand bunkers. Plus, these are also ideal for players that don’t have deep hitting angles through impact.

Low Bounce Shots Golf

Always get the best Callaway lob wedge that is designed with a narrow slow because it can provide you with a lower rate of bounce. This can make it convenient for you to play with an open face and swing the ball high, resulting in spinning shots.

The ball will quickly stop at the flag. It is also important to understand that wedges made for low bounce shots have a particularly lower loft rate. This is where you should use a lob wedge instead of gap wedge or pitch wedge clubs.

Plus, the more bounce you create, the more difficult it would be for you to get a leading edge off the shot. This means you will cause the shot to thin, resulting in lower ball spin.

Standard Bounce Wedges

When it comes to the best overall wedge for hitting short shots, opt for the best lob wedge that provides you with a standard bounce. This is also good for all-around shot trajectory and overall playability in varying golfing courses and turf conditions.

Standard Bounce

Standard bounce best lob wedges offer flexibility and versatility and are perfect for players who are looking to play creative shots, navigating the ball all around the greens.

Moreover, the standard bounce wedge is good for players who prefer to play a square shot through the bunker and those who play decent to above-average steeper shot angles.

Increased Bounce Wedges

When you talk about a high bounce wedge, it is important to understand that these wedges are specifically for players that play on relatively softer sand or turf. Combining your angle for a high bounce shot with a wide flange will help minimize the risk of digging.

High Bounce Shot

In turn, you will be able to play a shot that has a streamlined gliding action with the sole of the best lob wedge on the ground. A 64-degree lob wedge is perfect for players that need to keep the club square-faced when making a swing.

Moreover, a high bounce lob wedge is also well suited to players with a more a steep shot angle. However, higher bounce shots require a higher loft.

Bottom Line

Although one cannot understate the relevance of proper technique, you have to realize that the overall setup of the best lob wedge you choose will directly affect your ability to make short shots. If you train well with it, the lob wedge is an effective club that can help conserve plenty of shots when you are playing a round of golf. As a result, you can enjoy a great game of golf and at the same time, lower your score

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