Guide To Buying The Best Pitching Wedge & The Best Approach Wedge

Guide To Buying The Best Pitching Wedge & The Best Approach Wedge

The pitching wedge is a useful club when it comes to successfully hitting approach shots. However, not all professionals use this club, but it is still the perfect wedge for recreational golfers and beginners who want to enhance their game. Moreover, in terms of versatility, there is nothing better than a pitching wedge. Why?

Well, that is because it can help you hit accurate, high shots, enabling you to control the trajectory of the ball. A shot hit right with this wedge can also help the ball drop and stop on the green with a bit of backspin, enabling you to lower your shot count, which is also great for your handicap.

Mizuno Pitching Wedges on Grass Field

You will also be able to position the ball close to the hole and will be able to play the shot from numerous angles, under different weather conditions and sand bunkers. There is no question that mastering different types of short shots using the pitching wedge will take some time. However, once you get the hang of it, you will see a considerable improvement in your game and your points will start to stack up quite nicely.

Some Factors To Take Into Account

Lets look at some of the​ factors to take into account when using pitching wedge:


What is a loft? That is a good question. Well, simply put, the loft is the specific angle of the pitching wedge in relation to its shaft. As you increase the angle of your shot, the club’s loft will also increase.

A golf club approach wedge with a high loft design, which also includes the pitching wedge, will make it more convenient for you to swing the ball accurately in the air with precision trajectory control. However, that being said, hitting the ball with a low-loft club will travel further than a high-loft club.

Using The Best Pitching Wedge For The Money

It is important to understand that you cannot always use the 9-iron to make an approach shot. It is too heavy and may cause you to take many attempts, especially when it comes to a technical shot. This is where you must also learn about the pitching wedge.

This club has the least amount of loft compared to other types of wedging clubs. This means you will be able to hit the ball high and further to the flag. Understand that the range of your pitching wedge shots will depend on the type of game you play.

Golfer Using a Pitching Wedge

According to Tom Watson, a legendary PGA pro golfer, back in 2008, he used to use the pitching wedge to hit no more than 125 yards. He was 59 at the time. He further stated that an average recreational or beginner male golfer should be able to hit the pitching wedge at no more or less than 110 yards.

Furthermore, you can utilize the approach wedge for a clear short, especially at close range. You can clean wedge the ball past any type of obstruction coming between your shot and the green.

This is especially true if you have to make a shot at the edge of the green or at its collar or for numerous other types of approach shots when you know you will not be able to make a chip shot. Generally speaking, the pitching wedge will come in significantly handy when it comes to making a decent to good lie.

The Loft Of The Pitching Club

When it comes to pitching club lofts, it is important to understand the loft greatly varies from golf club to golf club. This entirely depends on which brand you go for. Essentially, the minimum loft range on the best pitching wedge for high handicapper is 43 degrees.

The popularity of pitching clubs is slightly decreasing as a direct result of hybrid golfing clubs, which is why it is extremely difficult that you will be able to find a pitch wedge that has a loft range exceeding 50 degrees.

Tips On How You Can Start Using Pitching Wedge

Here are some important tips for using the pitching wedge:​

It Is All About How You Swing It

Step 1

First of all, you have to take the pitching wedge as far back as you require when it comes to making approach shots. For example, if you use the pitching club to make a shot from no less than 120 yards, you will need to take a full swing to ensure the ball reaches the green.

Three Phases of a Pitching Hit

On the other hand, when it comes to making chipping shots from 10 or 20 yards, you don’t have to make a full swing. You can half-swing the club or quarter-swing it. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Step 2

Hitting a pitching wedge require some backswing, which is it is important you maintain your swing all the way through. Refrain from stopping once the club comes in contact with the ball because if you do stop immediately after hitting the ball, you will not get the desired backspin required to stop the ball quickly near the flag.

Step 3

Remember to base your approach swing on the wedge’s loft. If you have a wedge that has a 62-degree loft, you will need to make a bigger swing. Similarly, because a pitching club has a loft range of 48 to 50 degrees, you will have to need to make a bigger swing angle and control the trajectory of the ball.

Use Your Hands Right

Step 1

Ensure that you keep your hands in control when you are making the shot so that you don’t lead the shot too much. If you lead the swing, your hands will just hinder the shot by coming behind the wedge. You will have to ensure your hands remain forward. You need to maintain your tendency, especially when it comes to a short shot.

Step 2

Your wrists should be hinged when you make the backswing, then quickly accelerate the motion in order to give the golf ball an increased loft so that it travels the required distance and spins to quickly stop.

Step 3

As soon as you connect the shot, remember to turn your hand a bit. The face of the club must be open for the swing to be in-to-out.

Tiger Woods Using a Pitching Shot

Step 4

As you hinge the wrists, it is important to keep the grip firm. A lazy or poor grip can decrease the velocity of the shot, and you may have to make another shot to get the ball to the flag.

Hitting With The Best Pitching Wedge

Step 1

To get the right height on the ball, you will need to make the swing one to two inches behind the golf ball. Refrain from digging into the sand as you will just be hitting the club’s divot and not the golf ball.

Step 2

It is important to select the wedge if you see that you are in range of the flag instead of just muscling the shot that lands short. You have to be analytical with wedge shots. Remember, you have to decrease the number of shots.

Step 3

Practice as much as you can with your titleist wedge. You need to ensure you have good control on your backswing. Moreover, don’t forget to practice controlling your wrists when making a short shot.

Test yourself in different golfing conditions and make shots from different distances to get the right feel. Calculate how much force or technique you need to apply for sinking the ball. It is all about using the muscles of your hand and the technique you use. Overpowering a shot when you know you need technique is going to get you nowhere.

Reason You Need To Use An Approach Wedge

Golfers use approach wedges when a pitching wedge becomes troublesome to use when making shots off the green. Two decades ago, professional golfers used to stock two types of wedges in their golf bags – the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. Now they don’t have to.

Using an Approach Wedge

The Approach Wedge Loft

Approach wedges have a loft ranging from 50 degrees to 54 degrees. These wedge clubs have quite a bit of loft compared to pitching wedges. Golfers mainly use this wedge when they want to make a high swing shot and want the ball to land close to the flag with some backspin.

Approach Wedge Characteristics

When it comes to approach wedges, for example, the TaylorMade approach wedge, there are some characteristics that distinguish the club from standard pitching wedges. Approach wedges are designed to have a flat sole and bottom. The wedges are made for hitting the ball off tough and rough surfaces. However, you cannot use the wedge to make sand shots.

Our Top Recommendations

Tour Striker Pitching Wedge

The Tour Striker pitching wedge is hailed as one of the best pitching wedges. It is used by golfing pros all around the world and is a great tool for beginners and amateurs alike. The wedge is a 7-iron club with an unconventional face and sole design, which might look a bit strange to players.

However, the club is also designed to have a small hitting spot, which helps instantly round the shot helping to elevate the leading edge on the pitching wedge.

On the other hand, you will need a lot of practice with the club and it is advised you don’t starting using right off the bat when playing a round of golf. The design of the wedge requires some getting used to because if you don’t position your swing a bit forward on the shaft lean in order to successfully deloft the pitching wedge, it would become difficult for you to make the desirable impact.

Tour Striker Pitching Wedge Grooves

This could also mean you might just pull the golf ball a bit low and slightly on the left side. However, the Tour Striker 7-iorn pitching wedge offers a lot more convenience in shot making compared to the standard pitching wedge with a 48-degree loft.

The club has a minimal leading edge and a great spot to make good impact. But it may be a bit difficult for you to hit adequately if you don’t practice. This is especially true when it comes to making precision-based short shots.

The overall design of the club is comparatively small and will seem tough to hit in the first couple of golfing sessions. But as you practice with it the professional Tour Striker, the feeling will sink right back in.

The best way to adjust to this 7-iron club is to hit long shots as far as possible. Not every shot will be accurate. However, you will be able to adjust your hand’s position. Other features and benefits include:

  • Repurposed and redesigned for professional playability
  • Manufactured with 433 stainless steel case and is integrated with a cutting-edge Uniflex steel shaft
  • ​It will be much easier to hit the sweet area of the club for the best shot, right below the ball’s center of gravity
  • Great for low handicappers. However, beginners require a lot of practice
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Cleveland Golf Men's 588

The Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 is another cutting-edge pitching wedge with a high degree of shot versatility in your collection of golf clubs as you strike the pin with the 588.

The pitching club offers a variety of shot options when it comes to bounce and loft – enabling players to keep all the right weapons in their arsenal to perform like professionals when it comes to making accurate and precision-based shots from no more than 125 yards on the green.

Cleveland Golf Men's 588

The Cleveland 588 is designed with 4th generation professional and enhanced grooves with a wall enhancement of 8%. Plus, the club has precision radii for sharper and accurate strikes. Moreover, the grooves and the radius will keep the ball spinning to stop quickly at the flag.

The club also offers a mid-effective spin and bounce rate, enabling you to perform close ranged shots irrespective of the playing conditions. Other benefits and features include:

  • Designed with a trailing edge grind for a comfortable heel to toe forgiveness to play a flexible and versatile shot
  • Perfect for players who play creative shots in varying golfing conditions
  • The grooves of the 588 are 16% bigger and have been made in tandem to the performance suggestions given by professional golfers
  • The U grooves provide players the ability to make larger spin to score critical points and shots, especially when playing shots out of a sand bunker and in rainy conditions
  • ​Manufactured with long lasting laser milling and has a sophisticated roughness providing more durable is more dynamically optimized
  • ​Developed with a cutting-edge Rotex Pattern. This enhances the roughness of the club’s sole, which in turn increase the spin on the ball
  • The pitcher wedge is designed as per the company’s other successful model, the CG15, which is used by professional players and amateurs
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TaylorMade Men's M2 Wedge

The TaylorMade Men’s M2 pitching wedge is another classic club featuring cutting-edge technology and innovation giving players the edge they need to make pitching shots that land and stop accurately near the flag. The club can be used to hit long distance shots without compromising on the trajectory.

The club is a good option for beginners and recreational golfers. Moreover, the M2 was also made to offer players a good level of forgiveness, especially when it comes to mis-hits. This can help players enhance the consistency of their shots. The club looks topnotch and handles smoothly.

The gap wedge of the club can be purchased separately and it comes with a superb sand wedge grip and has other shaft grip features. The M2 pitching wedge is a great option for players who are opting for more distance on their shot with accurate trajectory.

TaylorMade Men's M2 Wedge Grooves

The club offers a good forgiveness rate. Moreover, if you don’t have the required swing speed to get the ball in the air as high as you can, you will never do well with a conventional pitching wedge. This is where the M2 comes in. Its superior design counteracts this shortcoming and helps eliminate such issues.

The club is a nice option for handicap players, especially those ranging from mid to high. If you are a senior player, you can significantly enhance your game using the M2. The club has a thick to thin fluted hose manufacturing.

The design has enabled engineers to eliminate any excess weight on the hose and have distributed the weight evenly towards the sole of the pitching wedge. This weight distribution has also allowed for a good center of gravity, which will help you launch wider and higher angles with the ball travelling at high speeds.

The club features a nice undercut that is there to serve two purposes. First, it will eliminate the weight of the club from the top, which will help you enhance your CG. Secondly, the undercut expands other areas of the pitching club that do not support the clubface. Other features include:

  • Steel-reax 88Hl
  • Grip-tm speed grey end cap 600
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Men's Titleist Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome Wedge

The Men’s Titleist Vokey SM4 Tour chrome-pitching wedge comes with 17 grooves. The pitching wedge is designed to provide you the best experience especially when it comes to playing a short game.

The Vokey SM4 chrome wedge is a great improvement over Vokey’s previous models like the SM1, SM2 as well as the 200 series. The best part about the SM4 chrome pitching wedge is the fact that it is designed with a laser milled grooves that provide you with an enhanced degree of intensity, just like the 2-circle rule.

Men's Titleist Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome Wedge Grooves

The head of the pitching wedge is a bit bigger compared to the SM2, which is a great improvement. However, when it comes to making a good difference the SM4 is designed with different types of sole grinds that help enhance the bounce options on this new model.

However, it is important to understand that the option will need some getting used to. This is why it would be a good idea to go to a Titleist fitting establishment so that you can determine the loft of the club as well as its bounce. Other features and benefits include:

  • Designed with an individual laser and spin milled grooves
  • Has a micro milled edge with smoothened texture that offers maximum spin even on high swinging shots
  • The durability of the grooves have tremendously increased as a direct result of cutting-edge heat treatment
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Nextt Golf Men's CX3 Pearl Copper Wedge

The Nextt Golf Men’s CX3 Pearl Copper pitching wedge offers a combination of enhanced versatility, flexibility and high performance. But the best benefit of this pitching club is the fact it is designed for all types of players. This means beginners and amateurs can also use this club to practice their short shots.

Nextt Golf Men's CX3 Pearl Copper Wedge Grooves

Moreover, the club offers optimal ball spin and quick stoppage. The purpose of the club is to provide players with increased performance along with a good level of trajectory. This in turn as made it easy for beginners and recreational golfers to make good approach shots. Other features and benefits include:

  • Made with alloy
  • Comes in Pearl Copper
  • Offers high balance rate
  • ​Tactical grip for all weather conditions
  • Has no glare
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Bottom Line

So, there you go, all the reasons why it is a good idea to invest in the best pitching wedge and the best approach wedge.

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