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For a long time now, Callaway has been dominating the market for brilliantly designed golf wedges. And the best part about Callaway’s wedges is the fact some of their most popular products are designed in collaboration with the legendary and master wedge designers Roger Cleveland.

Callaway works in tandem with Cleveland on producing highly innovative and state of the art wedges for PGA professionals. Roger Cleveland gathers unparalleled insight and specifications by talking with professional players and what they look for in a high-performing wedge club.

Callaway Forged Wedge (Copper) on a white background

The Callaway Forged Wedge is another topnotch wedge that was the result of top level research and unique insight. The wedge club comes in two finishes.


There are plenty of incredible features of the Forged Wedge from Callaway – mentioned below are some of the best benefits and features of the wedge club.

Professional Tour Level RCC Grooves

There are a total of 21 grooves on the wedge. All grooves are designed to be tightly spaced. The grooves design is conforming and is also made to have sharper edges. And that has been possible because of Callaway’s state of the art and high performing TNF process (Triple Net Forging).

This design strategy allowed for a more controlled trajectory as well as enhanced control on the distance the ball travels when you hit the wedge. Because the grooves are sharper and have a conforming design, the moisture on the grass will have no effect on the shot you play and the ball will have a lot of backspin so that the shot can land softly.

The Shape Of The Wedge Is Tour Inspired

And why shouldn’t it be – after all, the Callaway Forged Wedge was designed by the master, Roger Cleveland himself. The wedges of the club is manufactured from 1020 carbon steel, which is soft-grade steel, enhancing the durability and flexibility of the wedge.

Moreover, the styling on the forged golf wedge club is based on previous models and dons a sleeker leading edge, giving it a higher toe, which in turn gives the club a more squared-appearance. Plus, the toe of the club is designed to be higher and is rounded at the bottom.

Comes In Two Beautiful And Confidence Inspiring Finishes

The Callaway Forged Wedge for professional and recreational golfers comes in two distinct finishes. It comes in the incredible looking Trivalent Dark Chrome as well and it comes in Copper. The chromed wedges have a combination of distinct black or nickel and silver – giving it a more traditional look and feel. The color is basically based on Cleveland’s Titleist models. You will love the copper finish because it isn't the kind of copper shade you would expect – like that oily tinge.

Side of Callaway Forged Wedge (Copper)

The club has a weathered appearance when it comes to its wedges. In addition, according to the statement by the manufacturer, the copper look is purposely designed to gradually wear with usage. Rather than deteriorating in color, as you use the club, it was begin to shed the copper shade and appear patina. You will begin to see more green. What this does is eliminate the chances of the color oxidizing.

The C-Grind Of The Wedge Is Blended

This is another reason why the forged wedge club has become so popular. It is designed with a more textured and precise C shape – which is what enhances the flexibility and versatility of the club, allowing for maximum shot playability. This gradual design of the C-Grind significantly minimizes the stress on the heel, directly affecting the width of club’s sole, reducing it.

This unique shape offers professional and recreational players to keep the face of the club open while considerably controlling, or rather, decreasing the angle of the bounce – which is what is needed for a good, clean hit, spin and ball control.

Wedge Finishing Options

If you buy the Trivalent Dark Chrome wedge, it will give you a nice, tempered look. Moreover, the muted shade and finishing also helps minimize glare. The wedge’s copper finish is also beautiful, and is purposely made to oxidize with time-related wear and tear, revealing yet another color beneath all the copper.

Bounce Enhancement

The wedge of every loft has been designed to offer players with the perfect bounce rates for perfect turf versatility and interaction, improving your shot quality and helping you make shots that are more creative.

Spin Maximization

The Callaway Forged Wedge club is designed with z21 wedging grooves. This along with a combination of sharp edges and a conforming design, the club will provide players with optimal spin and maximum friction. Another special quality of the Callaway Forged Wedge is that instead of using the laser-milling process, the club is stamped.

What Others Say

The Callaway Forged Wedge Copper enjoys an amazing score of 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Buyers of the wedge seem happy with the versatility of the club. Most of the users bought the club in hopes to improve their sand bunker and lob wedge game. However, they quickly realized that the wedge can be used as a great chipping club as well. Other users praise the wedge for its incredible performance. You can hit the ball high and expect to land softly with some backspin.

Callaway Forged Wedge (Copper)

Buying Guide

The forged wedge is priced at just under $150 on Amazon with free shipping. However, if you are looking to buy one, it is strongly suggested that you do so at once as the current stock is a bit low. However, they club may be available by other sellers, which is where you can look for discounts. But be careful only to buy from reputable sellers. For more information on the wedge, log on to Callaway’s website.


Designed by Cleveland, manufactured by Callaway, there is nothing more left to say – a great wedge club that comes true on its promise to offer performance, aesthetical appeal and durability.

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