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Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3

Callaway’s Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge is one of the best wedges you can select. Not to mention some of the best professional golfers use this grind wedge to make highly accurate and precision-based short stop on the greens.

The MD3 is designed with laser-milled wedges that preffer precision, flexibility and the versatility when it comes to shot selection. No matter what the golf conditions are, no matter what the weather or grass is like, the MD3 has never failed to perform. It is also designed to be adjusted in line with different playing styles.

As per professionals and recreational golfers alike, many have stated time and again that the Mack Daddy 3 is perhaps one of the most complete and cutting-edge grind wedges that the reputable manufacturer (Callaway) has ever created.

Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3 Top

Moreover, the best part about the S-Grind Wedge is the fact it is made with the combination of 3 exclusive grind-types: the S, C and W grind. The new laser milled S-Grind is also designed using the cutting-edge Groove Optimization technique that significantly enhances the level of spin on the ball for different lofts.

Thanks to the beautifully functional and state of the art design and shape of the MD3, you can easily be creative with the S-Grind wedge, trying out new types of specialized shots, decreasing the number of shots played drastically.

Exclusive And Unique Shaping And Design

The Mack Daddy 3 S-Grind wedge is a result of several years’ worth of research and innovation. On top of that, the club was made using Roger Cleveland’s (top level wedge designer) input as he works with PGA specialists to completely and intricately understand what most professional players are looking for in a grind wedge in terms of the specifications, features and the look and feel of the grind wedge.

He used the input he collected from the pros as well as implement his own unrivaled knowledge and experience to collaborate with Callaway to come up with the best of the best in grind wedges. And the result was something spectacular, which is also a grand testament to Roger Cleveland mastery in wedge design. This is what has made the wedge so successful.


Lets take a look at what makes this golf wedge amazing:​

Unique Shape

The shape of the S-Grind wedge MD3 is truly unique and unparalleled. The club is forged with 1025 c grade steel, which is soft and durable. The design and shape of the club delivers topnotch playability, handling and performance. The feel of the club when making shots is truly satisfying and depending on the shot you play with it, the club will always respond in kind.

Moreover, the club has a minimum off-set, has a more squared and streamlined toe and a straight and sleek leading edge that gives the club a clean, polished and motivating look. The club is the embodiment of confidence and high-class performance. The grind wedge will provide you with crisp striking and you will be in control of every shot you make.

Robust CG Positioning

The MD3 is also designed for superior control, which has been made possible because of cutting-edge, progressive CG placement on the club. You will see how the CG is made to gently travel upwards as soon as the loft of the wedge starts to increase. What this does is enable more ball control, controlled trajectory, higher lofts, minimized spin-compromise, etc. You will find striking the pin increasingly more convenient than ever before.

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Enhanced Spin

Thanks to Mack Daddy’s ultra 16-groove technology, players can achieve a lot of spin. Moreover, the grind wedge comes with a groove designed under the sole, right next to the leading edge. This will help players achieve more stopping power that is especially true when it comes to playing chipping and pitching shots.

Cutting-Edge R Sole Grind

Another really awesome quality of the Mack Daddy 3 S-Grind wedge is that it is forged with a state of the art R-Sole grind, embodying the club with powerful and highly versatile wedges that will come in significantly handy when it comes to creatively making shots, especially on different conditions and grasses. A tour professional has to adjust to the condition of the course.

In addition, the S-Grind wedge is also designed with a crescent-shaped sole, enabling you to make mid-level bounces, which can make playing greenside golf swings and shot convenient. With the MD3 you can play numerous analytical and complex shots, for example, squared-face skippers.

Topnotch Finishing

When it comes to the finishing, players have two choices. You can either choose the Satin Chrome model or the Copper Strike edition.

What Others Say

The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 S-Grind Wedge enjoys 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. There are absolutely no complains or negative feedback pertaining to the product. Each buyer is satisfied with the superior handling and sheer class of the grind wedge.

One buyer expressed utter joy at the fact that making lies with the MD3 is a walk in the park, especially when you are making a shot from 135 yards. Moreover, chipping with the club on the greens is also quite smooth. Other buyers are impressed with the quality of the grind wedge when it comes to playing shots from sand bunkers or on wet grass.

Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3

Buying Advice

The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 is priced at around $125 with free shipping on Amazon. There are just a handful of clubs left on the website; however, more will be available soon. For more information on the MD3, it is better that you check their website and take a more comprehensive look into the technology used to design this cutting-edge grind wedge. It is also important that you compare prices, look for different sellers. However, never settle for a seller that isn't reputable.


With a 4.5-star rating, there isn't anything else left to say about the MD3. It is perfect for recreational players as well.

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