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Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX

Cleveland was hailed a reputable wedge design company founded by the master (Roger Cleveland) himself back in 1979. The company creates cutting-edge and high-performing wedges that are replicas of some of the best and classic wedges and other types of clubs. Somewhere in the 80s, Cleveland began designing and manufacturing their own top of the line clubs, launching an entirely new line of different golfing clubs and wedges.

One of their most legendary clubs is the 588 wedge that was originally launched back in 1988. To this day, Cleveland has been manufacturing state of the art and highly versatile 588 wedge clubs models, and the 588 Rotex is another promising product. The Cleveland Men’s 588 RTX Satin series can easily be said to be one of the most popular and successful wedge clubs in company’s history.

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX on Grass Background


Lets take a look at features that make this wedge absolutely amazing:​

Breathtaking And Highly Versatile Design

Cleveland wanted to maintain the classic look and feel of the 588 series, combining it with cutting-edge design processes. This is why you can see the class dots on the club. Moreover, the design is also a big step forward in terms of durability and versatility. The Cleveland team kept their promise of offering the same legendary aesthetics of the club along with topnotch performance.

Moreover, the 588 Rotex is also made for maximum spin, using state of the art spin technology. You can order each wedge in different loft angles, which range from 46 degrees all the way to 64 degrees. And you can also order the product in either a head design with a back-cavity or a blade style. In addition to selecting from two types of head designs, you can also order the club in 3 varying sole designs.

Extraordinary Feel Of The 588

Another great thing about the 588 Rotex is the fact it is designed for both professional and recreational golfers. Moreover, as you practice and train with 588 and adjust the grip, you will be able to clearly feel the total weight of the club’s head.

The wedge’s shaft design is sleek and lightweight and has a D6 weight embedded in it, which is why the club will feel a bit heavy on the head. But this is a pretty solid advantage – the weight combines with the force of your swing, allowing you to hit the ball with the open face of the club, enabling a good loft. You will be able to hit the ball further with some backspin so that it lands softly near the flag.

This is especially useful when you are making a shot from 125 yards away. Hitting the ball in the middle of the club’s face will give you a soft feeling – you will be able to feel the golf compression upon impact. However, you will have to train with the club as much as you can to know how a perfect shot feels like.

Three Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX wedges

Designed For Maximum Spin

For a majority of recreational golfers, getting a spin on the ball so that it perfectly rolls down near the flag is frustratingly difficult and to some, the notion seems next to impossible. This is something that only well-trained, experienced and exceptional gifted golfers can do, like the pros in the PGA.

However, this is where the Cleveland 588 Rotex comes in. It is designed with an open club face, which means you can get a tinge of spin using both the 56-degree and 60-degree wedge club. Moreover, the wedge club is made to be durable and versatile using the best laser-milling process. This is what gives the club a rough and sophisticated surface, which has been further dimensionally enhanced for increased friction as soon as the shot is made.

The friction and advanced ball trajectory control results in giving the ball a bit of spin for quick stopping. At the same time, you need to understand that you will never be able to get the spin right off the bat. Spinning the ball at the right angle requires a high degree of skill, which you can get if you practice a lot with 588 Rotex.

Cleveland’s CG15 Wedge Club Inspired S-Sole Design

The S-Sole of the wedge is designed for perfection and in conjunction with Cleveland’s other model, the CG15. This is why the wedge is highly preferred by beginners, recreational players and professionals. The club is designed to be wider at the sole, which is located near the heel. At the toe, the sole become narrower, which is perfect for hitting sand bunker shots where you can hit an accurate shot without compromising the versatility of the club.


The Cleveland 588 Rotex comes in a stunning Pearl Black, which is a nice because it does not generate any glare when you look at it. The overall color and printing scheme on the club is a bit excessive, but will not affect your performance.

What Others Say

The 588 Rotex is a great wedge club and enjoys a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. According to several buyers, the 588 is comfortable to train with, however, it may take some training to hit shot at 50 yards. Most buyers were impressed with its performance when playing sand bunker shots and wedges, especially over the green chips. One buyer said that he was able to get a lot of spin on the ball and that you can control the trajectory of the ball quite well.

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX

Buying Guide

The Cleveland 588 Rotex is priced at just under $95. However, there are different sellers offering this wedge, meaning you can compare prices and find one that is offering a discount or free shipping at least. However, ensure you only buy from a legitimate seller on Amazon. For more information on the technology used to make the club and the components used, log onto Cleveland’s official website.


The 588 Rotex is the company’s most successful wedge and offers great performance and versatility.

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