Golf, Gifts And Gallery 23 Inch Collapsible Chipping Net

Golf, Gifts And Gallery 23 Inch Collapsible Chipping Net

When it comes to chipping shots, it is important to remember that you need to practice a lot. Chipping is a skill that requires a great deal of precision, focus and creativity. The only way you can practice without tiring yourself collecting the golf balls every time you play the shot is getting a chipping net. And when it comes to that, relying on the best net is truly going to pay off in the long term.

This is where the Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 Inch Collapsible Chipping Net comes into play. Plus, you have to realize that the chipping shots you see professionals play on the PGA tour are all a result of hard work, consistent training and practice.

The best PGA Tour players credit their chipping performance to using this incredible practice net. Many them say that the net has helped them achieve low scores and has saved them a great deal of golf shots, which boasts well for their handicap. The net can also serve as a good training option for beginners and recreational players who want to enhance their skill at home. You can use the collapsible net to practice indoors as setting it up is very easy.

Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net Set Up

A great chipping form and consistent shots will help you achieve a low score. Not to mention, you will be able to save a lot of putting shots throughout your game. According to professionals, the key to being confident in your short game is through practicing the best chipping shots, which will inevitably prevent you from over-relying on your long game.

Skilled players depend on their chipping skills, especially when they see their long game is generating the results they originally planned for.


Lets look at some of the features that make this chipping net amazing:

Convenient Shape And Design

Although chipping nets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, you need to opt for something convenient, easy to install and highly portable. This is where the Collapsible Net by Golf and Gifts will pleasantly surprise you. The product is the innovation of the renowned JEF World of Golf and is designed to be set up both indoors and outdoors. You can set up the net inside your house or you could practice your chipping in your backyard.


The collapsible net is highly portable, meaning you can take it anywhere you want with you. The total diameter of the net is 23 inches, whereas when collapsed, the diameter is 7 inches. This is great when you are planning a fun picnic with your family and want to practice some golf. The net can be easily stored in the trunk of your car and be ready for you use in seconds.

Designed With A Bullseye

A majority of chipping nets are simply designed, where you can just chip the ball in any direction. The Collapsible Net on the other hand, is designed with a bullseye right in the middle of the net motivating players to make precision-based shots, chipping the ball right in the middle.

Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net Package

Manufactured With Highly Durable Materials

The JEF World of Golf golf chipping net is designed and manufactured using the best materials, which primarily include high-grade nylon. The materials are what make the net so perfectly suited to outdoor practice. Plus, the collapsible chipping net is also weatherproof, which means you can practice your shots in wet conditions as well. In addition, because of its portability and easy collapse function, you can store it anywhere you want without having to make space for the net.

Distinct Specifications

The Collapsible Net for comfortable and less-stressing chipping training is designed and made with 3 unique rings for recreational and professional players. You can select any one or all of the rings to practice your shots. The third circle, which is deeper than the other two circles, provides plenty of challenge for players – which include pro players.

After the white, the innermost circle, comes the yellow circle, which is situated in the middle of the net. The third circle is around the yellow circle and is on the outer frame of the net. The net offers a unique take on chip shot training. With a small, medium and large circle or basket, players of all levels can practice their shots and gradually move on to aiming for the smaller circles.


The overall frame of the net is designed with durable metal. The net offers creative players the opportunity to visualize their style and shot style and practice chipping the golf ball inside the most difficult circles. Moreover, to make practice a bit more challenging, you can assign different values or points to the 3 rings and then try and break your top score on the net.

What Others Say

The Collapsible net has an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. A majority of buyers are pleased with how portable and easy to use the net is. On top of that, according to many others, the net also serves as a nice gift for golfing husbands and wives. Others were happy with how lightweight the net is and the fact that it collapses so easily.

Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net

Buying Guide

You can buy the chipping practice net for around $25 with free shipping on Amazon. But you can shop around on Amazon for the best prices and discounts. However, always stick to buying from a legitimate seller. For more details on the collapsible net, visit the company’s website.


All in all, the Collapsible Net is an ideal practice net for avid and recreational players looking to improve their game anywhere they want to. Just set it up anywhere you want and you can start practicing your shots.

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