A Guide On Precision And Effective Golf Chipping

A Guide On Precision And Effective Golf Chipping

When it comes to golf chipping, there are 3 very important factors that you need to understand and take into account. You need to know have all three of these ingredients in order to strike a precision-based and highly accurate golf shot.

These elements are known memory, your imagination and finesse. To sum up the importance of these three factors, think of any great painter or artist historical and contemporary.

Now imagine the amount of finesse and accuracy artists employ in making a single stroke on the canvas. You see, the key here is memory as well. A topnotch artist never finishes his painting without visualizing all the dos and don’ts of painting.

He will always keep the fundamentals in mind. Lastly, it is the artist’s imagination combined with the other two elements that gives birth to a magnificent piece of art.

Man Practicing Golf Chipping

The same can be said about an intelligent and effective golf chipping shot. As a golfer, you have to think as an artist, only with a different tool in hand. If you remember the fundamentals, focus and the imagination to make the shot – you will indeed make the shot.

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The 4 Best Golf Chipping Tips You Should Implement

Becoming great at chipping can really help you save numerous strokes, which is something that directly reflects your scorecard. However, another reason you should practice the shot is the fact you can improve at chipping relatively faster than other full-swing shots in this area. Sure, practicing swinging shots can be advantageous in the long run, but these types of shots take a bit of time to full develop.

Man Practicing Chipping

Golf chipping drills can help you significantly improve your game faster than anything else, which is something much more exciting. In light of this, mentioned below are 4 of the best tips you can use to enhance your gold chipping game:

Utilize Your Hands

A majority of amateur and slightly improved golfers believe that the best way to improve at chipping is through the putting motion. You have to understand that this is very bad advice. In order to become a master chipper you need to use your hands and train them to work the shot for you.

Adopting a putting motion for this type of shot does not engage your hands. Zero hand movements result in zero wrist hinges, which is something critical to chipping. Wrist hinging helps a lot because you will be able to place the club a bit over the grass and strike down using a descending motion.

Don’t Use More Than One Club To Make The Shot

It is highly unlikely that you get the chance to practice golf on a daily basis. The maximum you may manage is practicing a few hours every weekend or every other weekend. This is why it makes no sense practicing the chipping shot using multiple clubs when you don’t have the time to train with just one club.

The best thing you can do here is to use a single club – and it is strongly recommended that you use the sand wedge and practice the chipping motion with it. Using one club can help build your motivation and confidence to practice hard.

Familiarize Yourself With Different Types Of Grass And Greens

Not two chipping shots are the same. Why? Well, that is primarily because you may find yourself hitting a chip shot from one side of the green covered in short grass - next you may hitting the same shot from downhill, aiming to sink the ball in the hole located right on the edge.

Whenever you prepare yourself for a chip shot, analyze the situation and make a wise decision when selecting your shot.

Beautiful golf pitch with different greens and grass

Evaluate Where You Need To Putt The Ball From

If you have already holed-out your chipping motion and shot, you will need to engage in making a putt shot to get over your up and down save. That is why before attempting the shot, take a stroll towards the hole and think about all the difference angles and locations you want to sink the ball in from. Remember, you need to make things simple for yourself, so take some time with this.

If the hole is located right in the middle or at edge of flattened grass, you won’t to make an analysis because then you will be able to make the shot as near to the hole as possible. On the other hand, if you are putting up hill or downhill, you will need to adjust the shot adequately.

The Importance Of Investing In The Best Chipping Net

The best way to improve your skills in any type of sports is repetitive training. The same hails true for golf. The more you practice the chipping shot in golf using the aforementioned golf chipping drills, the better you will get.

However, if you don’t get the time to practice enough, then that may pose a problem for you in the long run. This is exactly why it is so vital that you buy the best chipping net for practice. In light of this, mentioned below are two types of popular nets that both beginners and avid golfers use to practice their chipping motion and other swing shots.

Nets For Golf Driving

These types of nets have become quite common and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can select one that suits your need and can fit in your backyard without a problem. The net is designed to be easily erected. They come with two poles that you have to attach, then just stretch the net and erect it. It is as simple as 1 2 3.

Man Practicing Golf Swings on a Practice Net

However, perhaps the best quality about the golf driving net is the fact you can use it to practice your golf chipping shots in small areas. Plus, you will need to worry about breaking your windshield or your bedroom window or the neighbor’s as a matter of fact.

Another great thing about it is the fact that you will not have to walk long distances to fetch the ball. Moreover, you can set up the net at the golf course as well.

The Golf Driving And Swinging Cage

When it comes to golf chipping vs. pitching, the best thing you can do to improve you game is to get a driving net. They are bit expensive and for a good reason too – instead of just enclosing the front, these nets cover larger areas.

As soon as you set up the net, you have to step inside and play any type of shots with as much force as possible because the ball will not travel anywhere. These nets are pretty awesome because they ensure you don’t break anything and you will never miss hitting the net.

Chipping Nets

These are small, oval shaped nets that have a hole in the middle to put the ball. However, these are specifically for chipping purposes and cannot be used to practice full swinging motions.

The Best Golf Chipping Nets Available

Lets look at the best golf chipping nets available on the market:​

Golf, Gifts And Gallery 23 inches - Collapsible Chipping Net

The Collapsible Chipping Net is a pretty innovative practice net for golfers looking to enhance their golf chipping shots. Moreover, the net is designed to function as 3 nets rather than just one. It is also designed with a bulls-eye right in the middle of net. You can easily make light-handed airborne shots.

Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net Set Up

Although the net is measured at 23 inches in total diameter, you can easily collapse the net down to 7 inches. This makes it easy when it comes to storage and transport. Take the net anywhere and practice the shot.

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Izzo Golf Mini Mouth Chipping Net

The Izzo Golf Mini Mouth net for chipping is the best thing to have for players who want to improve their golf chipping game. Plus, the best thing about this net is that you can set it up indoors at your house or at the workplace so that you can practice whenever you get the time to. It is convenient and portable, which means you can take anywhere you want to.

Practicing With Izzo Golf Mini Mouth Chipping Net

The net is designed to be 24 inches in total diameters; however, you can easily collapse the net to a mere 12 inches. Moreover, setting it up is easy and requires no professional help. It is also designed with weather resistant materials.

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Rukket Pop-Up SKEE-GOLF Chipping Target

The Rukket Pop-Up SKEE net for chipping shot practice is another top contender in this list of the best nets you should opt for.

Practicing with Rukket Pop-Up SKEE-GOLF Chipping Target

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage, which means you can set it up anywhere you want to practice. Moreover, it also makes for a really cool gift to give to your golfing wife or husband, friend or even your boss.

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Bottom Line

All in all, aforementioned are some truly professional tricks and tips that you should use in order improve your golf chipping game.


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