Tips And Tricks For Proper Golf Wedge Maintenance

Tips And Tricks For Proper Golf Wedge Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of golf wedges, it is essential you follow proper maintenance guidelines. Not taking care of the wedges can hamper your performance at the golf course. Follow these easy steps to take care of your golf wedges:

Clean The Grooves Of The Wedges

Simply wiping the wedges with a clean piece of cloth won’t remove the grime and dirt it has collected over the week. Keep the golf wedge in good shape by scrubbing it with a thin bristle brush.

Cleaning Golf Wedge Grooves with a Bristle Brush

Gently brush each groove to remove the debris completely. Once the wedge appears clean, wipe the club head with a soapy, damp piece of towel. You may use a copper wire brush to scratch the surface of the club head.

Sanding The Golf Wedge

As with most golf clubs, the wedges take a beating from constantly digging into the ground. For utmost care and protection, use fine grade sand paper to sand the wedges towards the middle or at the end of golf season.

Sanding eliminates dirt and sand build-up that leads to the formation of tiny pock marks in the club. Once you have finished sanding the golf wedges, lightly apply some baby oil over the wedges to restore its sheen. Don’t forget to wipe the golf club clean before finally storing it for the winter.

Never Put Away The Golf Clubs Wet

Putting away your golf clubs wet will only encourage rust. Once you are done for the day, don’t forget to wipe the clubs with a clean piece of cloth before tossing them back in the closet. While this may only take a few seconds, it is an important maintenance tip that will protect the golf clubs from rusting.

Use Headcovers

Headcovers protect the most delicate and more-easily damaged parts of the wedges. Using headcovers will protect the wedges against damage when you are carrying the lot in the golf bag. A lot of damage could occur when the golf clubs are being jostled around in the back of the car truck or when you are pushing them in the golf cart.

Golf Wedge with Black/Red Headcover

Clean The Grips Too!

Proper golf wedge maintenance means keeping the grips clean too. Removing sunscreen stains, sweat and debris will help them last longer. The grips are one of the most important parts of the golf clubs. Clean them regularly so that they last longer.

Clean The Wedges After Every Shot

It’s safe to say that the wedges take more punishment than any other part of the golf club so you might as well take good care of them.

Sanding wedges that have dirt in the grooves can hamper performance, causing the ball to over spin and pushing it over the green. Make it a habit to wipe the wedges after every shot, especially if you are playing golf on sand and rough traps.

Follow these simple guidelines for proper golf wedge maintenance. Good luck!


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