Intech EZ Roll Men's Right Hand Chipper

Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Chipper

One of the hardest things to improve is your chipping game. And in golf, you will find yourself playing short strokes on the greens and out of sand bunkers. This is where it is important to have the right chipping wedge in your golf bag.

However, for recreational players, it is critical they practice and train with their chipping clubs in order to adjust to the grip and to have more control over their swings. To make your training short and highly effective for you and to improve your overall chipping game you must invest in the best chipping wedge.

This is where the Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Chipper comes into play. If you hesitate while playing complicated shots around the edges of the green, you don’t have to rely on the standard 8-iron anymore.

Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Chipper From Top

There are plenty of options and technological advancements have allowed for greater shot possibilities using state of the art and budget-friendly chipping wedges. Apart from playing your chipping or putting shots using the straight-face iron, you can use a hybrid to play both types of shots.

But remember, each shot begs for technique and precision, which is why Intech has designed their latest EZ Roll men’s right hand chipper. The chipping wedge combines all the important elements that go into chipping and putting together in a single club.

You can swing the EZ Roll chipping wedge like you would play a putting shot. The chipping club by Intech has become increasingly popular, especially when it comes to beginners and recreational golfers. It is a good club to train with as well.


Lets take a look at some amazing features of this chipper:

Advanced Backweighted Integration

If you ask the professionals, they will undoubtedly say that getting your shots up and down to the flag on the greens may be one of the many critical factors when it comes to scoring points in golf. Intech’s cutting-edge EZ Roll chipping wedge enables golfers to do exactly that when navigating shots around the greens.

And this is all thanks to the new backweighted technology, which provides the ball with added loft once you hit your shot. The weight adjustment system also enables you to maintain your balance.

Superior Design

Chipping wedges are not new to the fold. There are many models available, and many PGA professionals have been using them to enhance their chipping game while playing tournaments. And Intech is not a fresh name in the industry. They have been designing and manufacturing state of the chipping wedges for quite some time now. The loft of the club has a 37 degree range, which if you compare with an 8-iron, is quite similar to its loft.

The shaft is designed to be 35 inches, which again, is quite similar to the shaft of traditional putters. However, what makes the EZ Roll different is that it has a wide sole design that has been specifically and carefully cambered to look like a hybrid so that players can enjoy enhanced forgiveness, especially when it comes to playing from the edge of the green. Plus, this design feature will also help players perform difficult lie shots.

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Excellent Grip

The weight of the EZ Roll right hand chipper is balanced within the grip of the club, which is non-tapered. This advanced chipping grip will allows you to firmly put your hands on the club and adjust the grip as you begin to or as soon as you hit the ball. You can adjust the grip to match your height as well as your golf stance, the stance you use for putting.

Enhanced Range

The ideal range for which the Intech EZ Roll chipping wedge is designed for is 5 to 10 yards. You can play shots at this range off the green or you can adjust your chipping shot when the ball climbs uphill till 40 ft.

This is a standard range for which you can also use a normal putting 8-iron. However, in order to make shots from over 10 or 20 yards, the EZ Roll is perfect, but you will require a lot of practice. Moreover, the forgiveness of the EZ Roll far exceeds that of any standard putting iron.

Enhanced Alignment

The EZ Roll is designed with cutting-edge alignment for enhanced precision and accuracy. With a 35-degree chipping loft, the weight of the club along with its accuracy will drastically improve your shot quality.

What Others Say

The Intech EZ Roll right hand chipper enjoys a decent rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. According to several buyers, the best part about the wedge is the fact that it is budget-friendly, and on top of that, it combines all the elements that go into a good chipping shot.

Many other buyers bought this wedge exclusively for training and are happy with how they have been able to enhance their chipping game so far. Moreover, other recreational golfers have stated that the loft and bounce quality of the club is sublime, but it may take you some time to get used to the club.

Intech EZ Roll Men’s Right Hand Chipper

Buying Guide

You can purchase the Intech EZ Roll chipping wedge on Amazon for $26 with free shipping. It is not a bad deal for a chipping wedge, made by a reputed manufacturer. It can be great for training.

However, if you wish to find out more about the components and engineering used on designing this wedge, log on to Intech’s official website. In addition, you can also search for other sellers on Amazon that may be offering discounts. But be sure to only trust reputable sellers. Plus, you can also select the one-day shipping option if you want the wedge to be delivered as soon as possible.


In all, the EZ Roll chipping wedge is perfect for golfers that find wedging overly difficult. Moreover, the price of the wedge is quite attractive, which means it won’t hurt to try out the wedge.

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  1. You are selling a chipper without a head cover . Amazon don’t offer a cover either.Do you think i would put this in my bag to do damage to other clubs or itself.You need a head cover for this club.


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