Pinemeadow Golf Men's Pre 4 Wedge Set

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre 4 Wedge Set

When it comes to playing the short game, the only way you gain an edge over your competitors and enhance your skills at chipping or putting is if your rely on a wedge set that gives you advanced control your shoots and offers sleek design. This is where you should opt for the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre 4 Wedge Set. The best part about the wedge set is you can combine different chipping shots using different sets that come at the price of one chipping wedge.

While Pinemeadow is not a well-known brand when you compare with other top brands in the world of golf, that in no way means that the products they design are any less superior to some other popular wedges and chipping clubs. The Pre 4 wedge set is a classic example of performance and topnotch playability.

This is especially true for individuals that are just dipping into the golfing world. The wedges are designed to suit different play styles and you can train with each wedge club to maximize your shot accuracy and precision. Training and practicing with a budget-friendly wedge set designed by a good company is what you need to get ahead of the rest.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre 4 Wedge

You see, there is no question that from the moment you start practicing with these wedges, the clubs will begin to wear and tear, and after a couple of month of hardcore training or perhaps an year’s worth practice with each wedge, you will become more confident in moving on towards using a higher-end wedge designed by top level manufacturers. You can start using clubs used by the professionals.


Lets take a look at some amazing features of this set:

Superior Design

The wedge set includes four different types of wedges for different shots at different angles and lofts. Each wedge is design with a cutting-edge and beveled sole. On top of that, each wedge has a performance-proven shape to help with the bounce and offer more versatility when it comes to accurate and precision-based shots from any lie.

The design of the wedges inspire confidence and motivation and you will find yourself playing accurate short shots, which will gradually help you minimize your total strokes and give you a better handicap. Moreover, the wedges are designed similarly to Cleveland’s most successful wedge club, the CG10. The Pre 4 Set wedges are manufactured using stainless steel.

Smooth Shot Playing With Good Spin

Another great thing about the Pre 4 Wedges by Pinemeadow is that they are designed to offer a streamlined and smoothened shot playing. The spin level you will get after hitting the wedge is more controllable. For example, the sand wedge in the set is specifically designed for cleanly cutting the golf ball through sand bunker like a hot knife would just melt through butter.

However, the approach wedge might give you a bit of problem because of the rounded sole combined by an increased loft. This may result in a more sculled shot playing. The approach wedge might have performed even better if it was designed with a sharpened edge.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre 4 Wedge on grass

Awesome For Recreational Players And Beginners

Although PGA Tour professionals do not use these wedges, they are perfectly suited to the training specifications of avid golfers and those who are training to hone their skills. The grind wedge for example, although has a flaw, is good for practice for beginners.

Accurate Shot Playing

The Pinemeadow Pre 4 Wedge set for right-handed men is particularly manufactured to offer precision-based and highly accurate shots so that recreational players can learn how to play good shots and minimize their handicap. The wedge combination set includes 4 wedge clubs that have a loft range of 52 degrees, 56 degrees, 60 degrees and 64 degrees.

Every wedge club has a stainless steel shaft to provide the bounce accuracy and the shape required to balance every shot with perfection. You can use this set to gain an edge over your competitors and enhance your short game. Moreover, all four wedges come with mirror finishes – adding a good degree of aesthetics.

What Others Say

The Pinemeadow Pre 4 Wedge set is currently rated at 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. While many buyers realize that these aren't the wedges used by professional players, a majority of them are quite pleased with how the wedge clubs have improved their short game. One buyer specifically bought the wedge set to train and hone his short game and has stated substantially improving his shot accuracy.

Others are quite happy with the high level of shape design and superior craftsmanship displayed in these set of 4 wedge clubs. Many other golfers who have bought this set are quite satisfied and discouraged the use of expensive models, especially when it comes to training and practicing.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre 4 Wedge Set

Buying Guide

You can purchase the Pinemeadow Pre 4 Wedge Set on Amazon for $77 with free shipping. However, there are just a handful of these sets left, so it is suggested that you buy one now. You can also look for other sellers to get a good price – but refrain from buying a used wedge set. For more information on the engineering behind the wedge set, you can visit Pinemeadow’s official website


The bottom line is that there is nothing substantially wrong with any of the wedges; they are great for practicing accurate short shots. The clubs are designed to look great and are well worth the price.

Pinemeadow has truly stepped-up its game a notch. The craftsmanship and design on the entire club set is confidence inspiring and motivating. Even some professional golfers have advised new players and beginners to practice and train using the Pinemeadow Pre 4 Wedge Set without hesitation.

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