Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf Chipper

Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper

The only way to improve your chipping game is to invest in the best chipping wedges. And when it comes to selecting a topnotch and high performing wedge club, there are few that can beat the design and versatility of the Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper.

The company’s harmonized wedge series is by far one of the most successful product lines in the golfing world. Wilson’s harmonized clubs are used by PGA professionals, recreational golfers and beginners. It offers high-end shot versatility as well as a great loft range, especially when it comes to playing low to mid range chipping our putting shots.

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The harmonized golf chipper is designed to provide you with a powerful feeling of motivation and confidence when you make a short shot. Short games are dreaded by many avid golfers and even professionals sometimes struggle with making exceptionally technique-requiring shots when playing from the edge of the green or from sand bunkers. However, with the harmonized golf chipper in your golf bag, you can train to enhance your creativity with your short shots.

The chipping golf wedge is also designed with a solid, rubber grip that enables players to adjust their grip mid-shot, which is a big factor when it comes to adjusting the shot in tandem to sudden wind changes and whatnot.


Here are some features that make this golf chipper amazing:

Professional Design

The new harmonized golf chipper by Wilson is designed for topnotch performance and training. The chipping wedge is manufactured using durable and high versatile stainless steel. Moreover, the head of the wedge is given the classic blade shape, and is integrated with a modified level of bounce, providing players with streamlined ball spin and shot angle versatility.

You can hit a shot using the harmonized chipping wedge either from the fairway, a sand bunker or from the edge of the greens. There are a variety of chipping wedges you can use, however, you need to find one that suits your style of playing and is easy to adjust to. This is especially true when it comes to training with the club. You need something that is reliable.

Wilson is one of the top contenders in the sports industry and their Harmonized Golf Chipper series attracts PGA professionals. Many them even recommend it for recreational players and beginners. The loft of the golf chipper is 35 degrees, which is the same as a traditional 7-iron. It boasts the perfect hybrid design, enabling players to play both chipping and putting strokes with considerable ease.

Cutting-Edge Grip

The grip on the Wilson harmonized wedge for chipping is iron-like and firm. The best part about its grip technology is it can distribute the weight of the iron quite evenly when you take a swing. This is what enables players to change their grips or adjust it when making contact with the ball.

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Moreover, you can also adjust the grip of the wedge in accordance with your height and the stance you take when swinging the club. In addition, the shaft of the chipping wedge is designed with stainless steel, which is what provides a more flexible and versatile ball control.

Good Range

The Wilson Harmonized chipping club was designed for an ideal shot playing range of 20 to 25 yards. As an avid golfer or a beginner, this range will suit you fine and you will be able to practice hitting shots from further away. The chipper is excellent for playing shot off the green or at the edge of a sand bunker. Moreover, you can also play a shot that requires the ball to travel uphill at about 25 to 35 feet. To make perfect 20 to 25-yard shots, the harmonized chipper wedge is ideal.

High-Tech Sole Design

The chipping wedge features an innovative and new sole design, which enables players to have a wide range of short shot making options, especially from around the edge of the greens.

Enhanced Alignment

The chipping edge has state of the art alignment technology for professional swing accuracy. The club has a 35-degree loft for chipping – the alignment makes for easy distribution of weight when you take the shot – enhancing the quality of it.


Wilson has stood true to its word when you talk about the beautiful aesthetics of the golf club. Impeccable styling and wonderful craftsmanship has fetched an unparalleled value for the chipping club. Moreover, it is made with an anti-glare finish that is also durable. Wilson’s Black-Chrome harmonized chipping wedges are a classic hit.

What Others Say

The Wilson Harmonized Chipping Wedge has received an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon and is highly recommended. According to many buyers, the weight of the harmonized chipper is ideal compared to several other types on the market. Plenty of players have improved their 50-yard game with the chipping wedge.

According to some buyers, the chipping wedge can also be a wonderful tool for keeping the ball low and playing bump and run shots. However, the only downside to the club according to some buyers is the fact that it is only for right-handed players.

Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper

Buying Guide

You can buy the wedge for under $40 with free shipping on Amazon. It is advised that you compare prices between different sellers and opt for the best price. However, refrain from buying a used chipping wedge. Moreover, for more specifics on the golf wedge, visit the official Wilson website.


The harmonized chipper has a 35-inch, steel shaft and a traditional 7-iron loft, making the club light and easy to adjust to. You don’t have to do much when making a shot, just swing the wedge like you would a putter and witness the ball softly land and roll near the flag.

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